The 5 W’s of buying a house

The 5 W’s of buying a house 1. WHO is buying?
As Solicitors we havestrict obligations to verify your identity. This involves obtaining a copy of your photographic ID and proof of address. We also need to verify the source of your funds for the purchase by requesting an up to date bank statement and, if necessary, obtain a gift waiver and Identification from a relative who perhaps has provided you with a gift to help with the purchase. We aim not to be intrusive and your details will not be shared with any third party without your consent.
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We will provide you with a Fee Estimate at the outset of your transaction setting out our professional fee together with all other likely outlays. Outlays include obtaining EJO and Bankruptcy searches and the Land Registry Fees to ensure the property is registered in your name post-completion. It is rare that your final bill will differ from the Fee Estimate but, if that is a possibility, we will notify you once this becomes apparent. 3. WHERE will my title deeds be stored?
When your purchase completes we will lodge the transfer document with the Land Registry and apply to have the property registered in your name. You will have a Land Registry Folio which confirms you as the owner of the property. It can take anywhere between 3 and 12 months for Land Registry to complete a Transfer of property. When the registration is finalised we shall send you a copy of your updated Folio and a map. If you have a mortgage we are under a duty to send your title deeds to your mortgage lender. If you do not have a mortgage then we can keep your original title documents in our fire-proof strongroom or else they will be available for your collection.
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We understand that you are excited to have agreed to buy your first home but even the most straightforward purchase will take approximately
6 weeks for you to get your keys. The vendor may need to request title deeds from his/her mortgage company and may need to agree an onward purchase. Sometimes your property purchase will be ready to go but the vendor is unable to complete until his/her purchase is also ready. Your mortgage company will need to process your application and carry out a survey and this can also take a few weeks. We will do our best to keep you updated throughout the transaction so you are not left in the dark.
5. WHY use Collins Solicitors?
We pride ourselves on providing you with an efficient and attentive service. We realise this may be new to you and we are happy to answer any questions you have, no matter how minor you may think they are. We will check over all the title documents, property certificates and searches and when your mortgage offer is through we will arrange a suitable appointment for you to call with us. We will take you through the documentation and explain the process as simply as we can. We will provide you with any relevant documentation including maps and will arrange a convenient date and time for completion of your purchase. All with the aim of protecting you from any pitfalls, and alleviating as much of the stress as we possibly can.
If you are interested in finding out anything further about the conveyancing process or if you want to ask about potential costs then please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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