Helping Families

Collins Solicitors: Helping Families

From as young as nursery school age children learn about their rights, including:
1. The right to family life
2. The right to an opinion
The Children NI Order 1995 lays out how these rights  can be protected and upheld.
If the Court believes it is necessary it can act to protect Children and there are four main orders that a Court may make in relation to children:
1. Contact Order
This is commonly made when a child resides with one parent permanently but the other parent wishes to have contact with the child on a regular basis. This could include overnight stays, weekly visits at home or a safe place, or any order contact deemed appropriate.
2. Residence Order
Residence Orders are made when there is a dispute over where a child should live on a permanent basis but is subject to change if circumstances materially change.
3. Prohibited Steps Order
This is required when it is necessary to prevent one parent from taking a certain course of action when with the child.
4. Specific Issue Order
As it states, the Court can make an Order on Specific Issues relating to the child such as schooling or medical treatment.
At Collins Solicitors we are committed to helping families. We can help with access and child custody issues. If social services become involved in your life we can help.
In 2015 Sharon was appointed to the Children Order Panel which is a group of solicitors in Northern Ireland who are specifically trained to represent clients in care order cases.
We understand how difficult these situations can be and take a practical, sensitive and proactive approach to problem solving and helping families to move forward.
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