Attention Farmers and Landowners

Attention Farmers and Landowners: Are you ready for the changes to SFP Entitlements?

The deadline to submit claims for SFP entitlements is fast approaching (15th May 2015).

If you have traditionally let your land in Conacre and received the SFP entitlements attached to the land, that will no longer be the case. Land which is rented out in Conacre or leased should only be declared on the application by the person farming the land.

If you wish to claim entitlements you must be classified as an Active Farmer. If you are not actively farming the land the entitlements will, in all likelihood, be lost.

Should you come to an agreement to let land, it is important to have such an agreement in writing so that all parties know where they stand and so the situation is clear to any investigations DARD may carry out in the future.

If you would like to discuss your arrangements, or to have an agreement drawn up, please get in touch and we will try to be of assistance.